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Health Center of Lugang Township of Changhua County

Historical evolution

1.Our institute established at the address: No. 323, Zhongshan Road, Zhongshin Village, LuKang township.  Build time: 1954 Address at present: No, 423, Fuxing Road, ChignFu village, LuKang Township  ,Time of movement: in July 1982.

2.Originally, in accordance with the rule of all hygiene organization of counties and cities of Taiwan Province, it was established on August 31st, 1949, named health station of Lugang of Changhua county, and under the jurisdiction of the Health Yuan of Taichung, borrowed the residential house and dealt with the administrative affairs of this town of hygiene.   

3.According to administrative division in the counties and cities, it renamed as health center of Lugang Township of Health Yuan of Changhua county.  Subsidized by the committee of rejuvenate countryside of China, to built the office after dividing in October of 1950.  The building completed and in operation in May of 1954.  

4.in July of 1961, changed to be under the jurisdiction of district office of Lugang township and received guidance from Health Bureau of Changhua county.   

5.In July of 1974, changed to be under the jurisdiction of the Health Bureau of Changhua county

6.Because of the original office was too old to apply service to the patients. In July of 1982, the department of health financed and built the office at the present location.   

7.The department of health renovated the office and built additional building as a medical station of oil disease in June of 1996.

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